The Fellows

Here’s a brief introduction to some of the European fellows. If you would like to contact any of us, please use the form at the end.

Antonia Mochan – Multination Programme 2008 (European Union)

Antonia is currently the Head of Communications and Networks at the European Commission’s UK office.

Antonia Mochan - MNP 08When she undertook her Eisenhower Fellowship, she was European Commission Spokeswoman for Science and Research and her fellowship concentrated on issues relating to the public perception of science, the way the US turns scientific discoveries into goods and services and science education. She now spends her time dealing with the public perception of the EU in the UK.

Emil Paulis – Multination Programme 2002 (European Union)

Emil Paulis was appointed as Director responsible for Financial Markets in the Commission’s Directorate-General for the Internal Market and Services (DG MARKT) in June 2008.

Emil Paulis MNP02Prior to that he worked from 1982 to May 2008  in DG Competition. There, he was Director responsible for Competition Policy and Strategy from 2003 and from February 2006 to August 2007 was Deputy Director General ad interim. In 2002 he became a Fellow of the Multination Programme of the Eisenhower Fellowship in the US with the Chairman’s Fellowship award of Dr. Henry A. Kissinger.




Valere Moutarlier – Multination Programme 2006 (European Union)

Since 2010,Valere has been working as advisor to the Member of the European Commission in charge of tax and anti fraud policy.

Valere Moutarlier - MNP

He practiced business and tax law with an international French firm in Paris and Brussels for several years before joining the European Commission. Working initially in the Taxation and Customs Department and then the Budget Office, he joined the Industrial Policy department as head of the Strategic Planning Unit. Upon returning from his Eisenhower fellowship,

Mr. Moutarlier assumed leadership of the Bureau for Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, a partnership initiative with the European Space Agency to develop a space-based earth observation monitoring capability for the EU.


Fabio Colasanti  Multination Program 1992 (European Union)

President of the International Institute of Communications (London, UK) since April 2010, Fabio Colasanti was previously a Director General in the European Commission for over ten years.  Fabio Colasanti MNP 92

He headed first the department called “Enterprise” and, from July 2002, was in charge of the department for “Information Society and Media“.

Prior to these appointments he was Deputy Head of the Office of Commission President Romano Prodi and a director in the “Budget” department.   From 1977 to 1995 he worked as a macroeconomist in the Commission’s department for Economic and Financial Affairs

Fabio holds diplomas in economics from the University of Rome and the College of Europe in Bruges.   An Italian national, he works regularly in English and French, is fluent in German and Spanish and speaks some Greek.

Caroline Casey Multination Program 2007 (Ireland)

Caroline casey MNP 07Caroline Casey has been recognised internationally for her pioneering and innovative approach to changing attitudes and perceptions of disability with a focus on business and media. In 2004 she founded Kanchi, an organisation established to influence this change, which she named after the elephant she trekked across Southern India on during a 1,000km personal journey.

Kanchi devised the Ability Awards to recognise and build awareness of the business case for disability. The awards are now being rolled-out internationally across five countries in the next five years with the focus on Europe.

Caroline is invited around the world to speak on her leadership work at eminent events including the Global Competitiveness Forum, the Clinton Global Initiative, TED and Davos.

She became the first Irish person to be appointed a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, is an Ashoka Fellow and received an Honorary Doctorate from National University Ireland. She currently sits on the boards of a number of media and charity organisations in Ireland. Caroline is visually impaired to the degree that she is registered as legally blind.


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