6 decades of Belgium/EU Fellows celebrate EF Day in style

EU/Belgium Eisenhower Fellows

The Fellows and their guests celebrate EF Day 2011 at the Royal Flemish Theatre

The Belgium/EU alumni fellows celebrated EF day 2011 at the theatre. Jan Goossens (MNP 2009) and Director of the Royal Flemish Theatre (KVS) invited Fellows and their guests to attend the premiere of “A Louer”, a piece of contemporary dance theatre produced by his theatre in association with the Peeping Tom Company. After the show, the Fellows enjoyed a reception in the theatre building, where they heard from ValĂ©re Moutarlier (EU, MNP 06) and Robert Faucher, Deputy Head of Mission at the US Embassy, as well as a welcome from Jan Goossens. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other, and was clearly appreciated by the Fellows – there were several requests to meet more often, with Micheline Jonckheere (MNP 96) offering a musical invitation for the Spring.

Opening speeches:


Welcome from Jan Goossens


For more photos of the event, see our Flickr photoset.


The following Fellows were present:

Philippe De Buck (Belgium, MNP 86)

Jan Goossens (Belgium, MNP 09)

Dirk Heremans (Belgium, MNP 80)

Micheline Jonckheere (Belgium, MNP 96)

Michel Tondeur (Belgium, MNP72)

Marc Van Der Stichele (Belgium, MNP 66)

Michael Voordeckers (Belgium, MNP 10)

Fabio Colasanti (EU, MNP 92)

Antonia Mochan (EU, MNP08)

Valere Moutarlier (EU, MNP06)

Herbert Ungerer (EU, MNP 84)