MNP2013 comes to an end

The 2013 Multinational Fellows have now finished their time in the US and are heading home. The central Eisenhower website has information about the Annual Meeting Day, including the distinguished Alumnus Award. The website also has news about the Spanish Alumni organisation’s freedom of thought award and Juan Jose Güemes (Spain, MNP 11) talking at Harvard about start-ups.

Vishal Talreja (India, MNP13) stopped in London for a few days on his way home and met Antonia Mochan (EU, MNP 08) while there.



“Because of my Fellowship”

To celebrate 60 years of the Eisenhower Fellowship, alumni from across the programme are telling their stories of what Eisenhower has meant to them. You can read their stories on the Eisenhower website.

There is considerable European interest, with stories from Spanish, Turkish and Yugoslav/Slovenian fellows featured, plus a US fellow that visited Ireland. More stories will appear over this 60th year.

US fellow to visit Europe in Autumn 2011

From this month’s EF news:

Eisenhower Fellowships’ USA program is delighted to announce an additional fellowship has been awarded to Melissa Walsh, Chief Operating Officer of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, a ten-year, $1 billion initiative to attract investment in the life sciences to Massachusetts. Walsh will travel to Spain and Ireland in the fall of 2011 with the goal of developing an international expansion plan for her state.

4 European fellows on the 2011 Multination Program

Our special congratulations to Dr Liisa Suvikumpu of Finland, Dr Tünde Tátrai of Hungary, Dr Manila Marcuccio of Italy and Juan José Güemes of Spain who are all about to start their Eisenhower experience! You can read all about them and the other 2011 MNP Fellows on the Eisenhower site.