2012 Multinational Fellows start arriving in Philadelphia

It’s that time of year when all MNP alumni start feeling nostalgic, remembering their arrival in Philadelphia, and feeling envious of the new cohort. We wish them all the best possible Eisenhower experience over the next two months.

There are 7 Europeans among the 2012 MNP Fellows:

Dr William Crawley, a journalist from Northern Ireland

Pascal Dupeyrat, a strategic investment lobbyist from France

Roxana Damaschin Tecu, a social entrepreneur from Romania

Mehmet Gürcan Daimagüler, a lawyer from Germany

Faik Tunay, a member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Dearbhail McDonald, a journalist from the Republic of Ireland

Dr Valerie Cummins, a research director from the Republic of Ireland

All descriptions and the full list of 2012 MNP are available on the Eisenhower website.


19 April 2012

William Crawley is blogging about his experiences on the Fellowship, you’ll be able to follow his journey at http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ni/


2012 MNP Fellows announced

I’m sure we’ll all remember with nostalgia the excitement when the list of all fellows for our programme went live, so we could get our first impression of the people with whom we would be spending those incredible months. The 2012 list has now been published and there are a number of Europeans among them:

You can find their details and those of all 2012 MNP Fellows on the Eisenhower website.

We wish them all the best for what will undoubtedly be an amazing experience, and hope that they will stay in touch with other European fellows on their return.

Latest news on European fellows

The latest news on the Eisenhower Fellowships website has news of several European fellows:

Irina Anghel (MNP 08, Romania) presents at TECHVENTURE 2011 in Singapore

Elena Panfilova (MNP 09, Russia) is elected to the global board of Transparency International

Dr Susan Baragwanath (MNP 94, New Zealand) has moved to the Hague, where her husband will be President of the Hague Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

Message for Eisenhower Day of Fellowship from Gen. Colin Powell

As we approach the Eisenhower Day of Fellowship on 14 October, we have received the following message from the Chairman of the fellowship, General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.)

Since we instituted the Eisenhower Day of Fellowship in 2008, hundreds of Fellows around the world have gathered annually to renew their commitment to Dwight Eisenhower’s vision of a world where cooperation replaces confrontation and understanding replaces ignorance. The expression of their commitment takes many forms, ranging from a nationwide high school essay contest in Sri Lanka to a regional conference in Indonesia to the launch of the Eisenhower Alumni Association of Saudi Arabia.

I view these annual events as the first step of a strategy to provide our alumni with a varied menu of rewarding opportunities to work together in order to better the world around them. This year, Eisenhower Fellowships took the second step at the annual Alumni Advisory Council meeting in Istanbul. The Council decided to reconstitute itself as a self-directed Alumni Council that will deepen its institutional structure in order to undertake together consequential actions in a range of areas.

Let me extend my congratulations to all the Fellows who organize and participate in the worldwide events that mark this year’s Eisenhower Day of Fellowship. I strongly encourage all of you to make being an Eisenhower Fellow a lifelong identity.

General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.)

Here at the EF Europe website, we’d love to hear about what you are doing to mark it. It’s also the birthday of one of our EF Europe Alumni, Irina Anghel (MNP 08, Romania) so we wish her a happy EF birthday!