US Fellow visits Europe

Chris Nowinski is a US fellow who is currently in Europe for his Fellowship. You can follow Chris’ journey on his blog. His Fellowship will take him to Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Turkey with the focus on brain trauma, particularly in sports. Welcome to Europe, Chris, and we hope you have a wonderful time here!


European fellows featured in latest EF news

The latest edition of EF News includes John Wolf’s dinner with Italian fellows during a visit to Italy and Fiach Mac Conghail (MNP 04, Ireland) visiting Philadelphia to promote a touring production of The Terminus.

4 European fellows on the 2011 Multination Program

Our special congratulations to Dr Liisa Suvikumpu of Finland, Dr Tünde Tátrai of Hungary, Dr Manila Marcuccio of Italy and Juan José Güemes of Spain who are all about to start their Eisenhower experience! You can read all about them and the other 2011 MNP Fellows on the Eisenhower site.