Hungarian fellows talk sustainability for EF Day

To mark the Eisenhower Day of Fellowship on 14 October 2011, the Hunagarian fellows have organised a conference entitled “Sustainable Future for Hungary” to be held at Obuda University. The first part of the day will be in English and webcast for those that are interested. The agenda for the event promises very interesting discussion on a topic of real importance.


Hungarian Fellow hosts George Washington Uni visitors

As a result of her fellowship, Dr. Tunde Tatrai (MNP Hungary, 2011) hosted Professor Chris Yukins and Professor Steve Schooner of George Washington University Law School in Budapest on May 24 and 25, only one week after she completed her fellowship. She organized a conference for them at the Bar Association of Hungary, two presentations at Corvinus University of Budapest and at the Chamber of Commerce of Budapest. In addition, she arranged some meetings with decision-makers, a member of the Constitutional Court and the Rector of Corvinus University of Budapest. The visit was a golden opportunity to develop and strengthen her network within Hungary and to continue building international connections. 

A photo slideshow of the visit is available.

Hungarian Fellow publishes new book

Csaba Mako (MNP 87, Hungary) has published a new book, Working It Out? The Labour Process and Employment Relations in the Knowledge Economy.

The book is the fruit of number of years of collaboration amongst a group of experts (labour lawyers, economists, sociologists) with a multi-disciplinary, multi-professional and multinational background. It draws together a series of studies investigating different dimensions of this change centred on the reconfiguration of the labour process and employment relations within the context of institutional transformation. Hungary, as with most of the Central and East European (CEE) post-socialist countries, is affected by these changes. Almost twenty years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, these countries are still groping their way forward as capitalist systems, and their still transforming politics, civil society and economies are creating a variety of models of capitalism in the region. Whether these models are transitional or more permanent remains to be seen.

The book is available for online purchase.

4 European fellows on the 2011 Multination Program

Our special congratulations to Dr Liisa Suvikumpu of Finland, Dr Tünde Tátrai of Hungary, Dr Manila Marcuccio of Italy and Juan José Güemes of Spain who are all about to start their Eisenhower experience! You can read all about them and the other 2011 MNP Fellows on the Eisenhower site.