About us

Eisenhower Fellows have all taken part in an Eisenhower Fellowship. This programme, set up on the occasion of President Eisenhower’s 50th birthday  engages emerging leaders from around the world to enhance their professional capabilities, broaden their contacts, deepen their perspectives, and unite them in a diverse, global community – a network where dialogue, understanding, and collaboration lead to a more prosperous, just, and peaceful world.

Each of us will have taken place in one of two types of programme:

  • International – bringing together people from all over the world in either a Multi Nation, Single Nation or Common Interest Programme
  • US – allowing US citizens from a range of backgrounds and professional interests to examine an aspect of life somewhere else in the world.

The strength of the Eisenhower Fellowship is the network you have of people from across the globe, that you can connect with for the rest of your life.

This specific site provides a space for alumni from across Europe to connect with each other, and for alumni from elsewhere in the world to connect with their European colleagues.


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